About the Author

Travis’s story

A father, husband, minimalist, runner, health geek, adventure seeker, experiential learning advocate, pioneer, tech-savvy street-smart entrepreneur, and author, Travis has designed a life that allows him to stay sane, be present with his family and work with clients he loves.

Travis is the founder and chief strategist of Travis John LLC. He is an innovator and well-known marketing and sales strategist who spends most of his time helping already successful small business owners and entrepreneurs with strategic decisions, marketing direction and the innovation needed to ensure ongoing success.

Simply put, Travis has a knack for finding unique ways to increase sales and solve top-shelf business problems. One way he helps clients achieve lofty goals is by building them client-getting machines. Machines that attract ideal clients and close more high-value sales in less time, with less effort. 

Travis believes the single best gift people can give the world is to bank on themselves. He found by investing in the skills that add value to his clients he was investing in their success. Thus, creating a greater return for everyone. One of the ways Travis banks on himself is by running a results-based business. One that rewards him only when his clients get results.

Travis’s entrepreneurial DNA became apparent in early childhood while he was doing everything from selling baseball cards and his parents’ crap at the flea market to cutting his friends’ hair in his garage and running a neighborhood lawn business. From there he has never looked back. Although he went off-course a few times, what remained constant was his ability to develop new ideas and see ways to put them to good use.

Other successful small-time ventures followed, but this pattern was one he would finally harness later in life. He is a late bloomer and an underdog, but he’s got long-distance stamina (he won the mini-marathon in 5th grade and later received a college scholarship for track and cross-country). Whatever Travis put his mind to, whether it was selling baseball cards or customizing his first car (Nissan Pulsar NX), he showed great potential at a young age. Without realizing it, he was creating the blueprint for his later successes.

After graduating from the University of North Florida with a bachelor’s degree in health science, he co-founded Virtual Health, a preventive health services company that provided workplace solutions. He went on to work for one of the largest technology services companies in the world. As a sales manager there, he specialized in delivering IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies, generating tens of millions in revenue at a time for some of these businesses. Working long hours, he made his employers rich, while his health and spirit began to deteriorate.

Fast-forward five years—he was still working nonstop, this time in the distressed property market. As the founder of one of the first real estate short-sale agencies, Travis was quoted in publications such as The Washington Post, and he devoted most of his time to finding solutions for homeowners who had financial issues. Travis was fully immersed in the distressed property world, and he eliminated over $50 million in negative equity in Florida alone. At the same time, he founded a national referral network; a title and escrow agency; an advanced real estate sign installation business; and a real estate transaction service for attorneys, homeowners, and real estate brokers to process paperwork and make routine bank calls. He then founded Short Sale My Yacht and became one of the first people in the country to apply real estate short-sale techniques to luxury items.

Although most people would have considered Travis successful (especially in the midst of the worst housing market ever) something was missing. Then it dawned on him—he had stumbled on the very thing that brought his success. It was MARKETING and his obsession with figuring out what drives business success. There was a direct correlation between his success and his passion for learning and implementing the marketing and sales strategies that triggered exponential growth in his biz.

But Travis still struggled to connect the dots.

In January 2010, when the world was still on the verge of an economic collapse, Travis and his wife, Tonya, had their third child. This event created a radical shift in Travis’s mindset and he got clear on what life meant to him. Through this soul-searching, he realized his one-of-a-kind business experience and marketing know-how were extremely valuable—stuff that the RIGHT people would benefit from immensely. So that’s exactly what Travis did. He narrowed the focus of his business to working ONLY with people he can be a hero to. Ultimately, he discovered his unique ability lies in his capacity to help already successful people grow their businesses without being overwhelmed.

Another big catalyst that pushed Travis to hyper-focus was his introduction to The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. This book opened his eyes to what he was good at and what made him happy.

But more importantly, these life-altering events were a wake-up call for Travis. He has always created life on his terms, but here was a reminder that he had fallen a little off-course. It was the kick in the pants that Travis needed to fine-tune his business around both his unique strengths and his lifestyle goals.

Travis has found that clients are attracted to working with him because of his natural ability to see opportunities before others do and then understand what it takes to nurture and develop these ideas—using his entrepreneurial instincts and marketing prowess to apply them.

Since falling in love with marketing, Travis has invested thousands and thousands of hours (and dollars) on mastering his craft, seeking out the best masterminds and mentors in the world. As a student of marketing, Travis is doing his best work when he’s using his marketing muscles. Whether it’s identifying a new idea that doubles a business’s revenue in 12 months or honing an entrepreneurial idea of his own that gives life to a new product or service, Travis is always focused on making a difference in the world.