5-Step Checklist

You’re already successful at what you do.

Successful people are successful because they always seek out the highest-quality advisors. For this reason, I think every author needs an agent. Nothing weird but in the self-publishing world, your agent is simply someone who will support you through the authoring process.

In the case of the 5-Hour Author, I have provided you with a step-by-step guide for your agent to walk you swiftly through the process. Your agent will be another set of eyes and ears to keep you accountable, a proofreader and someone with whom to bounce around your ideas. The right agent will help you draw out your best stuff, keep you on track and ultimately ensure your success.

You may already have someone on your team, a top assistant, a business partner or a business associate. Of course, it would be a plus if you had someone who’s biz-savvy, has some marketing know-how or understands the book-creation process.

With any project, it’s easy to get off track (or even give up), but when you have someone guiding you and keeping you accountable, it’s much easier to succeed and a lot harder to say “I quit.” Plus, by attaching a name and label to the role, whoever you select as your agent will want to rise to the occasion and pour everything he’s got into seeing your finished book. Let’s go.

The 5 steps to author a client-getting book can be categorized by these 5 P’s:

1) Productize your knowledge in the form of a book
2) Produce your book
3) Personalize and Polish your book
4) Publish your book
5) Promote your book

Step 1: Productize your knowledge, in the form of a book

  • The purpose of your book.
  • The very best idea for your book (what’s your book going to be about?).
  • The questions your book will answer (what’s the ONE thing you want your ideal client to believe or understand?).
  • The ideal client avatar (with WHOM (exactly) you want to have a conversation in your book).
  • The outline, topics and format that will provide an optimum reader experience.
  • Niche down (polish and organize your topics into the best possible format).
  • The interview questions that you will answer in Step 2.
  • Draw out the most compelling offer for your book (how you or your product can help your ideal client).
  • The perfect title for your book.

 Step 2: Produce your book

  • Find your voice.
  • Record your book’s content (write like you speak.).
  • Transcribe your interview into text (use Rev).

 Step 3: Personalize and Polish your book

  • Lightly polish your book’s draft (edit, tweak, add or remove anything from your book).
  • Personalize your book’s content.
  • Add the intros and outros to marry all your chapters together elegantly.
  • Add the chapter title, chapter headline and subheadlines. 
  • Search and identify a professional writer at WriterAccess.

    • Recruit and shortlist two-to-three writers.
    • Test your writer candidates by having them rewrite a small piece of your book’s draft.
    • Hire your writer and submit your book draft to be rewritten. 
  • Submit your final book draft to the editing team at WriterAccess or ProofreadNOW for professional editing and proofreading. 

Step 4: Publish your book

  • Format and publish your book as an ebook and a paperback book using PressBooks (making the inside of the book look good).
  • Copy and paste your final book draft into PressBooks.
  • Design your book’s cover—start a 7-day design contest at 99designs (making the outside of the book look good).

Step 5: Promote your book

  • Export your completed book from Pressbooks.
  • Set up single-purpose landing pages for your book using LeadPages or ClickFunnels.
  • Integrate the book into your biz marketing campaigns and conversation channels.
  • Build a client-getting machine around your book that attracts your ideal clients, builds rapport, converts sales and generates referrals.
  • Submit your book to major book retailers (optional).

Get the word out about your new book:

  • Share it with your networks (business associates, networking groups, joint venture partners, trade shows, social media assets, viral giveaways, and blogs).
  • Identify partners, vendors and other raving fans who will themselves benefit by helping you get more exposure for the book.
  • Notify your own mailing list by email, direct mail, phone and text message about your book.
  • Use Facebook, Google, Bing and Amazon’s advertising platforms to place targeted ads for your book.
  • Send out targeted greeting cards, postcard and letters for your ideal clients to get a copy of your book.
  • Embed your book in trade magazines, newsletters, newspapers, etc.
  • Send a newsworthy press release announcing your new book.
  • Get feedback on your book from at least 5 of your ideal clients.


  • Create an audio version of your book.
  • Articles to Author—repurpose the content you already created.
  • Create other client and sales-getting resources using the 5-Hour Author.

Here’s to the superfast publishing of your sales-getting book!


The 5-Hour Author™ Copyright © 2018 by Travis John Agency LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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