As with all my endeavors, the first and most important acknowledgment goes to my wife and kids, who are the center of my universe and the source of all my passions. And who always forgive me for the times I am out—working on my craft.

Then there are all my fellow entrepreneurs, extended family members and friends who gave me a strong support system as I worked on this book.

A special shout-out to the entrepreneurs and thought leaders whom I gain inspiration and valuable insights: Joe Polish, Dean Jackson, Dan Sullivan, Peter Diamandis, Frank Kern, Brendon Burchard, John Carlton and Tim Ferriss. Thanks to you all.

Then there are the visionaries and technologists, Jason Chicola of Rev, Byron White of WriterAccess, Hugh McGuire of PressBooks and Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottleof 99designs that created the tools and services I wrote about in this book. Without them, this innovative approach to publishing a book would not be possible. Thank you for your willingness to put it — all on the line — and invest in the “future of publishing”. Because of you more people can author a book without all the fuss. Also a big thumbs-up to Rob Barnes for working with me to create a bulletproof plan to success at WriterAccess.

A huge extra thanks to my wife, Tonya, and to the editors at, who forced me to focus and relentlessly polish this book.

Finally, I want to acknowledge you, reader, for giving me your time and allowing me to share this new solution with you. I hope to hear from you soon.


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