5 Add “Author” To Your Name

In the next couple of chapters I’ll share with you the most valuable tips and benefits of authoring your first book. A book that pulls your ideal clients toward you like a huge invisible force field.  

I thought it would be good to kick off this Chapter with a few tidbits that will give you some perspective on the benefits and elite status that come along with being an author.

I’m doing this because it’s always best to see the big picture before deciding to dive into anything. That’s exactly what this chapter is about. 

Sure, most people already agree that a book is one of the best platforms to share a message.

But why is this, really?

Because a book positions you as The EXPERT and The LEADER of your niche.

And one of the biggest benefits of being an author is the instant credibility it brings and, sometimes, the celebrity effect it has.

The end result is it will open new doors for you that would have taken years to open otherwise. Or would never have been opened at all.

It sounds weird to say it this way, but a book gives you “client getting” superpowers because it shows goodwill and instantly builds rapport with your prospective clients.

These superpowers allow you to help more people because you’ll be attracting clients who actually want (and need) the services and products you offer.

And being an author gives you the opportunity to charge a premium for your expertise.

Plus, it’s timeless; a book is an asset that will get you clients for years to come…

Now with the 5-Hour Author, you can create and deploy a client-getting book in your biz quickly and painlessly… making it easy to add the title “Author” to your name.

And, secure an unfair advantage over your competition.

Now, let’s talk money. In the next chapter I’ll share with you the 3 ways to get clients with your book…


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