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“The Author of the Future will no longer be described as a writer, but as a creator.” – Travis John

Dear Author of the Future,

Thank you for your interest in the 5-Hour Author™. It always makes me feel good when I can connect with other like-minded biz owners.

I wish I could tell you that the 5-Hour Author is as wild or magical as the name implies. Sorry to let you down, but you won’t find any Hocus Pocus here. This is a REAL plan to author a REAL book with REAL merit. It will also require REAL work, just much, much less of it than you think.

Yes, the 5-Hour Author is innovative and it’s freakin’ awesome, but there are NO gotchas here. What I’m going to share with you in this book is a clear path for you to be an author.

You already realize that being an author would attract more of the right-fit clients.[1] In fact, there’s no shortage of people telling you the advantages of being an author. I am one of them. It’s definitely hard to argue with this advice, but it’s easier SAID than DONE.

Can you think of something that would have a greater long-term impact on your biz than being an author?

  • Something that’s targeted only to the clients you want to attract?
  • Something that provides instant credibility, even if they don’t read it?
  • Something that gets your ideal clients undivided attention and builds such a high degree of trust they feel like they’ve known you for years?
  • Something that can start more client-getting conversations without being too salesy?

I can’t… And here’s one reason WHY:

Most people would agree the number one reason people don’t do business with someone is the lack of TRUST. And that it takes several months, even years, to develop trust and rapport with ideal clients. But a book is the ONE thing that has the potential to fast-forward your trust factor! With just one communication, it’s possible to make your ideal clients feel like they’ve known you for years…

BUT the process of authoring a book is no small task because:

  • You’re not interested in writing or learning how to write.
  • You don’t want to hire a ghostwriter who’s going to churn out some boilerplate crap.
  • You ONLY want a high-end, high-quality book that your ideal clients are going to find valuable.

The good news is:

  • This book is NOT about me teaching you to write, or persuading you to be a writer. It’s 100% focused on making you an AUTHOR.
  • This is not a weird ghostwriting experience, but you will need a professional writer to polish the content that you create through the 5-Hour Author process.
  • This process will produce a book that’s the same quality as the clients you want to attract.

Plus, you can implement this in your business right away, even if you are overwhelmed.

Why? Because you already have the expertise and the clients, the 5-Hour Author will merely be a tool to help you do what you’re already doing—but better.

The 5-Hour Author is focused on outlining and drawing out your unique knowledge (through your VOICE), then packaging it in the very best format—a BOOK!

In summary, I am going to help you come up with the very best idea, a compelling offer, a book title and a cover that will make your book irresistible to your ideal client.

You’ll invest 5 hours to create the rough draft of your book, and then utilize the tools, services and resources I have outlined in this book to take it from there…

Would you like to shortcut the path to being an author? Ensure that you have ALL of the right elements in your book to attract the “right fit” clients? And eliminate ALL of the logistical nightmares that come with authoring your book? The 5-Hour Author will do all of that!

…Now you can effectively polish, publish and market your first client-getting book without all the fuss—the book that you can write without writing.

The Future of Books

Until recently, the system for authoring a book was broken. That is unless you were a writer yourself, or you wanted to invest an enormous amount of time in developing top-notch writing skills.

…And even if you were convinced that you should write a book or intrigued about writing a book, you weren’t 100% sure that you could write one that would meet your expectations. But just because you’re not a writer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be an author!

If it’s not your genius, it shouldn’t be your job.

It’s probably ridiculous to think that a professional writer is an expert at what you do, just like it’s probably ridiculous to think you are a professional writer.

But how many times have you heard “You should write a book”? Too many to count… It’s awful advice, but it’s laced with good intentions. See, people give this advice all the time because they know authoring a book is a game changer. They just don’t know what it takes to pull it off…

…Look, don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not saying you can’t write a great book. In fact, I know you can… But why would you consider it if you could become an Author of the Future instead? And have the power to control how your book is written—but without having to actually write it? Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you.

…It’s not your fault that you haven’t authored a client-getting book.

The reality is that business leaders like you haven’t had many attractive options to author a book. For good reasons, the idea was always squashed as soon as it entered your mind because you knew there was just too much red tape.

Until NOW being an author has been mostly reserved for indie writers and writers seeking big book deals. But another not so talked about option is to get a professional writer to rewrite something you have already created…

…Business owners tend to have mixed views about working with writers, but that’s usually because the relationship is misunderstood and misused. Regardless of how you feel about working with professional writers, this is the BEST option to create a book without mastering writing yourself…

…Did you know that most nonfiction books that are worth more than the paper they are printed on are either authored or co-authored by a professional writer? Many times you wouldn’t even know this is the case because these writers elect not to receive public recognition for the writing they do.

Why is this? Because most people are not writers.

And frankly, successful biz owners, entrepreneurs, and independent professionals know that hiring a professional writer will be the ONLY way to publish the caliber of BOOK on which they would be proud to have their name prominently displayed. They also know their ideal clients expect them to get some professional help writing a book. Simply put, they’re comfortable being the expert and an industry leader, not the writer.

Not very long ago, niche books just didn’t make good business sense.

The ONLY way you could get top-notch writing was to invest lots of time trying to find the perfect writer and then invest large sums of money (plus royalties on future sales) to get a book written. But even with BIG stakes, many biz owners still jump at the opportunity to author a book that has “client getting” superpowers. That is, if they have an iron-clad idea and they can meticulously craft an outline and offer that will make their book a client-getting magnet. But even if they are willing to pay top dollar and know how to set up their book for SUCCESS, it still requires them to be belly to belly with their writer for several months. That is if they want to ensure they have a quality book that’s also going to goose their bottom line.

The reasons many of the top business leaders didn’t write their own books are the same reasons you shouldn’t. Just like you, they did not have the time or the writing skills to produce the kind of writing they wanted and deserved. For already successful business owners, professional writing services have been absolutely invaluable. But they had one “golden rule” when it came to authoring their book, which is the same rule you have. You want a writer who will write your book the way you want it written, but better than you could write it yourself.

The reality is, good writers will do a much better job, and do it significantly faster than you would yourself—provided they have the proper DIRECTION.

And that’s where the problem lies with many writing experiences…

…Just because a professional writer can write better than you doesn’t mean he or she will write your book the way you want it written. Which is why most writing projects, particularly books, are doomed to fail before they start.

For a professional writer to write a book the way you want it written, he or she will have to DEEPLY:

  • Understand the vision for your book project.
  • Understand your topic and content areas.
  • Understand your natural tone and style, so he or she can speak in your voice.
  • Understand the structure of your business, from soup to nuts.

Obviously, this would require you to spend an enormous amount of time with your writer. You would need to train this person to “temporarily” become an expert at what you do. But when you create your book’s rough draft FIRST, using your voice, the writer does not have to spend time trying to master your voice. Or have to figure out the message you want to convey because it’s already right there in your draft.

That’s where the 5-Hour Author comes in. It allows you to invest just 5 hours to author the rough draft of your book, and let a professional writer take it from there… When you take control and ownership of the process by creating your content first, your writer will naturally be able to rewrite your draft in your voice, instead of making an awkward attempt to become your voice.

The 5-Hour Author allocates talent where it belongs.

Now you can meet a professional writer where he’s most productive, and ensure success in less time and for less money.

Once you select a writer who has expertise in writing content related to yours, you simply give him or her the vision for your project and clear requirements along with a rough draft of your book. From there, your writer will be able to master your voice and get a deep understanding of your tone and style and the exact message you want to convey to your ideal client. He or she can mirror your voice, literally. The end result is a book that’s 100% YOU.

When used effectively, top writers will use their writing prowess to turn your spoken words into masterfully written words. They will rewrite, clean up, format, restructure, improve flow and even instinctively weave in new content where it’s needed.

High-profile writing on steroids.

Finally, there’s a way to author a book that attracts your ideal clients without all the fuss.

  • What used to focus on being a writer now focuses on being an author.
  • What used to have all kinds of rules, red tape and royalties that dictated your success now lets you control the book-creation process and author a long-term client-getting asset.

The 5-Hour Author allows professional writers to stay in their comfort zone and do their best work… Simply put, your writer can focus on WRITING about your best work, so you can focus on DOING your best work.

These insights can be summed up by this quote from money expert Loral Langemeier: “Strengthen your strengths and hire your weaknesses.”

Everything Is Possible

The 5-Hour Author would not be possible without the services that I have outlined in this book. As an Author of the Future, you can now fast-track the authoring process because of better technology, more innovation and the rapid adoption of crowdsourced and productized services.

Instead of hiring the high-level talent you need as a full-time employee, you can now tap into the world’s ever-growing workforce-on-demand for both your short or long-term assignments. When you do this, you’ll get the absolute best talent and avoid the costly and time-consuming nature of hiring employees. The result is that we no longer have to hunt—long and far—to find the best talent. In the sharing economy, much of the legwork has already been done for us…

…And, arguably, even better is how lightning fast you can engage crowdsourced talent. It used to take tons of time and red tape to sort out the scope of work, pricing, contract negotiations, etc. Now all you have to do is tell one platform your requirements and click the “buy now” button.

  • What used to require an employee with a hefty salary now has a “buy now” button.
  • What used to take weeks to find the best service providers now has a “buy now” button.
  • What used to take long hours to negotiate now has a “buy now” button.
  • What used to be labeled as “custom work” now has a “buy now” button.

Finally, you can get custom-made services with nearly the click of a button! There’s no more back and forth with multiple vendors for weeks before you even get started. The transcriptionist, translator, proofreader, professional writer, book editor, graphic designer and book publisher (and dozens of other skilled workers and C-level executives) are all right here, at our fingertips.

Because change is continuous, I continually remind myself of the amazing world I am a part of (and should be contributing to daily).

  • What used to be “the impossible” is now “possible whenever I like.”
  • What used to take months or years to accomplish can be accomplished in weeks, even hours.

Innovation is at every turn, and I’m truly appreciative to be a part of it…

…Now with crowdsourcing, you can share all the best minds, talent and genius in the world, giving you no excuses not to author a book… Let’s GO.

  1. Throughout this book I use the term CLIENT as a universal reference for CLIENT, CUSTOMER or PATIENT.


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