14 Authority To Author

The 3 Ways To Author A Book Using Your Authority Or Someone Else’s.

There are 3 different ways to use authority to become an author. (I have already shared with you the first way (extensively) and that’s to use your own authority to become an author.)

If you still haven’t started on your book, or you want to know of “optional” shortcuts, here they are. 

1) You are the Authority — you draw out your book’s content from your own knowledge and expertise, through your voice (BEST).

2) You are NOT the Authority — you can co-author a book with an expert/authority on the topic that you want to cover. 

Why would you do this? This is an excellent way to open up a new line of business, develop a new niche, go deeper into a service you already provide, etc. By co-authoring the book with another authority that has complementary skills to yours, you establish the same credibility and rapport that you would if you were the only authority.

You may already have someone in mind. If not, the best way to connect with the authority you need is through high-level networking groups.

If you choose to pursue this option, you can follow the exact steps outlined in the 5-Hour Author.

3) Assets to Author — use the stuff you’ve already created. You already have written articles, documents, blog posts, essays, and white papers; done presentations; and made audios and videos, etc.

Why not use the content that you’ve already GOT to make your book? And do what I call Assets to Author. Using this option is like doing an extreme makeover of your existing content. The most common application of this method is a Blog to Book…

You’ll simply follow the same process you used in the 5-Hour Author, except in Step 2 you’ll be using existing content instead of drawing out the content from your own voice.

Here’s the summary of what to do if you decide to use the content you already have on hand:

1) Gather the assets that are on the topic you want your book to be ABOUT.

2) Lightly edit, tweak and remove anything you don’t want in your book.

3) Add an intro and outro, headline, subheadline and chapter title to each section (this is to elegantly marry everything together).

4) Optional: Send your rough draft to a professional writer at WriterAccess.com.

5) Send your final book draft to the editors at WriterAccess.com or ProofreadNOW.com for additional editing and proofreading.

6) Publish your book using PressBooks.com.

7) Get your book’s cover designed using 99designs.com.

8) Get the word out about your new book.

Here’s to publishing your client-getting book super-fast!


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