7 Getting Started

5 Hours. 5 Steps. Unlimited New Clients.

Now you can share your unique knowledge, specialized experience, product or service with your ideal clients through a book. You can do this by investing just 5 hours of your time to author the rough draft of your book.

When you follow my advice (and trust the 5-Hour Author plan), you will be able to shortcut the authoring process and produce a quality book for your business that will start, continue or re-start more conversations with your ideal clients. Period.

As you’ve probably heard before, 80% of SUCCESS comes from the setup or preparation stage of your project. Being an author is—surprise—no different.

Eighty percent of the success you will have with this project will be from the work you do in Step 1, the setup phase.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Here’s a breakdown of your 5-step plan:

Step 1: The perfect setup process, and identifying your superpowers.

Step 2: The process of getting the information out of your brain and into a book.

Step 3: The process of converting your spoken words to written words, and finding the perfect writer for you. The rewriting process, and polishing your work of art.

Step 4: The final steps, cover design and publishing your shiny new book.

Step 5: The launch of your book into the world by getting the word out.


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