12 Step 5: Launch Your Book 

The launch of your new book. 

Action Steps:

1) Export your completed book in three formats from PressBooks.com to cover all your publishing and distribution needs.

2) Set up the single-purpose landing pages for your book.

3) Integrate the book into your biz marketing campaigns and conversation channels.

4) Build a client-getting machine around your book that attracts your ideal clients, builds rapport, converts sales and generates referrals.

5) Submit your book to major book retailers (optional).

Now that you have a completed book in all possible formats (Kindle, iBooks, Nook, etc.) and a great book cover, the next step is to export your finished book from PressBooks so you can begin getting the word out.

PressBooks will generate the three different file formats (with a click of a button) that will cover all your publishing and distribution needs.

Here’s how you’ll use the three different book formats:

PDF — Of course, this version is the most versatile, since it can be read on any device or computer. But it’s also the print-ready version of your book. You’ll use this file to publish your paperback book on Amazon.com using their CreateSpace.com service. Once you publish your paperback book on CreateSpace, it will be available through Amazon and their many distribution channels. As the author, you’re also able to order copies of your paperback book from CreateSpace at a discount. 

Because the PDF version is easy to share via a download link or email, it’s great to use on a single-purpose webpage as a free or paid download.

EPUB — This version is used by all the major ebook distributors (except for Amazon’s Kindle). For example, this version can be read on Apple devices and computers as well as most devices and computers with an ePub app or software download. It can also be read on Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Kobo. The best way to use this format is through Smashwords.com. Their service will distribute your ebook to over a dozen online retailers.

MOBI — This is Amazon’s proprietary ebook format and can be read on the Amazon Kindle app or any Amazon Kindle device. You’ll use this format to submit your ebook to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

Important: When you export your ebook from Pressbooks, the EPUB and MOBI versions will already include the image of your book cover. This will not be the case for the print-ready version of your book—the PDF file. For this version, you’ll need to upload two separate files to CreateSpace. One will be the PDF file from PressBooks (the inside pages of your book), and the other will be the PDF file from 99designs (the cover of your book).

How do you plan to use your book to get clients? 

Based on the goals that you have for your new book, you can choose to submit your book to the major book sites, or you can simply integrate it into your day-to-day business as a lead generator, educational tool, etc. It’s perfectly normal (and not uncommon) to decide not to sell or distribute the book through mass distribution sites. This is up to you. The digital versions of your book will work on all devices and apps regardless of whether you submit them to the major ebook distributors.

But even if you choose not to distribute your book on a broad scale, you’ll still want some paperback copies on hand. In this case, you can have your book printed by a print-on-demand company. There are lots of companies that can print copies of the book for you. One that I use and recommend for on-demand printing is 48hourbooks.com.

Regardless of which path you decide to go down, you will need paperback books, from CreateSpace or a company like PressBooks or 48-Hour Books, that you can hand out and send out to your ideal clients. As covered earlier, you’ll also want to give away the paperback book (for free or for a small fee) on your single-purpose webpage in exchange for your target prospects’ contact information. Or you can just charge for the shipping costs of the book. The reason you can’t afford to skip this step is that when you successfully marry the process of giving away your high-value book with an expertly crafted direct marketing campaign, you’ll find yourself talking to all the right-fit prospects.

Once you implement and optimize this campaign, you may find it cumbersome to manage the fulfillment side of things, particularly if you don’t have the systems in place to take care of the shipping and handling. Or maybe you just don’t want to fuss with it.

In this case, I recommend using an all-in-one fulfillment partner like Corporate Disk Company Disk.com. They will make your life much, much easier because they can MAKE and DELIVER your book for you. Yes, they can print your paperback book in-house, or you can send them bulk copies of your book from CreateSpace. Either way, they’ll send it out on your behalf and even send any other goodies that you want to ride along with it. And most likely their systems can talk to yours, so any orders that come can instantly be sent to Disk.com (I know their systems sync up with the Infusionsoft software I use to run my business).

Because there are many benefits to submitting your book to the major book sites, it’s likely that you’ll utilize their broad reach as one way to get the word out about your book.

When you decide to use the major book sites, get an ISBN and ASIN.

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique identifier associated with your book. ISBNs can be a lot of trouble and very confusing to most authors, so here’s the best path for you to follow…

You’ll want to get an ISBN for the EPUB and PDF formats of your book. The quickest, easiest, cheapest and most-recommended method is to get an ISBN directly from Smashwords and Amazon’s CreateSpace at the time you complete your book submission. When you’re done, you’ll have an ISBN (a 13-digit ISBN) associated with your EPUB format from Smashwords and two ISBN’s (a 10-digit ISBN and 13-digit ISBN) attached to your PDF format at Amazon’s CreateSpace.

An ISBN is critical (in my opinion) because some of the major retailers such as Apple and Kobo will not accept your book on their platforms without one. Although there are several benefits to an ISBN, this is the #1 reason to attach an ISBN to your book.

An ISBN is not needed for your MOBI format that is used when publishing through Kindle Direct Publishing. In this case, what you will receive is a 10-digit ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), which is unique to your eBook and found on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

It’s also important to note that publishing your book with an ISBN from a reputable company like Smashwords and Amazon’s CreateSpace doesn’t have anything to do with the ownership or copyright of your work. You still have complete control over all your content; you’re just not listed as the publisher. The same goes for publishing your book with an ASIN on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

Again, here are the major platforms that you should use:

  • CreateSpace by Amazon — submit your paperback book. Use the PDF format of your book. Visit www.CreateSpace.com
  • Kindle Direct Publishing by Amazon — submit your Kindle ebook. Use the MOBI format of your book. Visit https://kdp.amazon.com
  • Smashwords — use to distribute your ebook to all major book stores (except Amazon Kindle). Use the EPUB format of your book. Visit www.Smashwords.com

At first, it’s ALL about the marketing. 

There’s only one thing that makes a great book work for you, and that’s marketing.

Obviously, the marketing phase is an ongoing process. What I have outlined here are some of my favorite marketing tactics to get the word out about your book. Marketing tactics are commonplace. What determines their success is knowing how to implement, test, trigger, and modify these tactics. Over the years, I’ve learned several marketing lessons the hard way. Most of my mistakes could be avoided by doing three things.

  1. Advertise to the right people. Who sees your message determines at least half of your advertising success.
  2. Ad copy that talks directly to your ideal client most selfish desires. Your ad must have the right message, be results-driven and include psychological triggers. This formula will make it irresistible for your ideal clients to get a copy of your book.
  3. Ask for your ideal clients to take an action.

Your direct marketing efforts usually start with setting up a single purpose landing page where people can get a copy of your book (either for free or how they can buy it).

To create great looking, conversion-focused websites and landing pages, I recommend using LeadPages.net, ThriveThemes.com or ClickFunnels.com

I recommend creating two different landing pages for your book. The first will be a simple book landing page (also known as your client-getting magnet). The second will be one that is more authoritative. The purpose of this page is to share more detailed information that positions you as the celebrity, the authority and the specialist of your industry and niche.

If you don’t want to use a landing page or want to test other lead generation options, my other recommendation is to use Facebook Lead Ads and connect them to Facebook Messenger and your email autoresponder service.

Here are a few ways to flex your marketing muscles and get the word out about your book (for long-term effectiveness these tactics should be part of a well-defined plan):

Share Your Book: Share it with your networks (business associates, networking groups, joint venture partners, trade shows, social media assets, viral giveaways, and blogs).

Notify Your Mailing List: Notify your current list by email, direct mail, phone, text message and Facebook Messenger, then use the same follow-up process you use for new leads. To manage my conversation channels, I use the all-in-one customer relationship management, sales and marketing and e-commerce software from Infusionsoft.com. I use it in conjunction with GoogleApps to run most of my business. The other all-in-one system I recommend is Ontraport.com.

For automating phone, SMS, Facebook Messenger and Bot communications and funnels, I use ManyChat ManyChat.com and Twilio Studio Twilio.com and Fix Your Funnel.

Online Advertising: An effective online advertising campaign starts with running text and display ads on the major networks. There are dozens but over 90% of the traffic is on Facebook.com/advertising,  Google.com/advertising, and Bing.com/advertising.

My absolute favorite online advertising method is Facebook Ads. The reason is simple; Facebook allows me to target ONLY my ideal clients. And because over half of any advertising campaign’s success starts with the LIST, it’s a no-brainer. Plus when I bolt a little tool from AdEspresso or Sync2CRM.com onto my Facebook advertising, I can sync my Infusionsoft data with my Facebook Custom Audiences. These tools allow me to launch laser targeted campaigns on autopilot to precisely the right audiences.

If you choose to enroll in Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select author program, then I also suggest using Amazon.com/advertisingFor KDP Select authors, it’s a key opportunity to put your book in front of engaged readers. You can place targeted ads that promote your book across Amazon and on Kindle e-readers.

Another option is to buy advertising space on niche and mass-media websites. Either through direct media buying or a syndicated platform. Besides 99designs.com, an excellent site to get your advertising banner ads done for you is 20DollarBanners.com

Offline Advertising: Print media still outperforms digital media for several services and products. My favorite thing to do is marry offline campaigns with online media. Embed your book in trade magazines, newsletters, newspapers, etc.

Direct Mail: I love direct mail. If you’re not already a fan of direct mail, it’s because you haven’t perfected it yet. Sure, it’s clunky and old school but it doesn’t have to be. Once you have the right list and then the right messages you’ll be addicted to the results direct mail brings. An effective way to get the word out about your book is to design a series of greeting cards, postcards, and letters. Mail them to your clients, prospects and targeted lists, etc.

I use ZenDirect.com, SendOutCards.com and Click2Mail.com to send cards, postcards, letters and even the occasional gift. What makes these services even better for me are the software integrations from ZenDirect, SendOutCards (software integration by FixYourFunnel.com) and Click2Mail that tie my direct mail campaigns into Infusionsoft and GoogleApps.

These services combined with the power of Infusionsoft allow me to capture intimate details from my ideal clients and then send them highly personalized snail mail. All based on their self-interests and level of engagement with me. Whether I’m trying to start conversations with new prospects, nurture existing ones, or just stay in touch, I can 100% automate the sending of conversational mail for my business.

Although automation is awesome, there’s still nothing better than a handwritten note and a personal phone call, so these are key ingredients of my conversation channels as well.

Integrate your new book into the marketing of your business, at all touch points.

For example, try using your book as a ‘sales escalator.’ By selling a low-priced item (like your book) that has a much higher perceived value, you’ll establish trust AND you’ll consummate a business relationship with your ideal clients. The great part about this small transaction is that it will serve as an escalator for your clients to make more frequent and higher-priced purchases from you. When you use your book as a sales escalator, I recommend using a fulfillment partner like Disk.com to package and deliver the book to your client for you.

Get honest feedback on your new book. Send your new book to at least 5 of your ideal (and most critical) clients, either the ones who have paid you to help them already or ones who have shown an interest in working with you. You want to ask them for specific feedback (good and bad) on your book.

Also, I recommend identifying partners, vendors and other raving fans who will themselves benefit by helping you get more exposure for the book.

Once you’ve used marketing muscles to attract your ideal prospects and start, continue or re-start conversations. You’ll need to master your conversation channels because most of your ideal clients will not be immediately ready to buy from you. So you need a system to continue nurturing the potential buyers in your network. This “touch strategy” allows prospective buyers to be kept abreast of current and relevant information so that they remain engaged until the time they decide to buy. That’s why it’s crucial to build a client-getting machine around your book that attracts your ideal clients, builds rapport, converts sales, and generates referrals.

I look forward to hearing of your success. And don’t forget to share your new book with me.

You can send me an email to Travis@TravisJohn.com, and I’ll respond personally.


P.S. Here’s how I can help you right now.

You already plan to be an author—you even have ideas swirling around in your head of what your book can be about. But how do you make sure you have an Idea Worth Doing? That’s where I come in.

My mission is to help business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals author their first client-getting book. As part of my commitment to us reaching this goal, I’d like to help you come up with the perfect idea for your book. This way you can reach more clients and make a greater difference, in less time.

…Successful people don’t struggle coming up with ideas. They struggle to find ones worth implementing, which is why most books never get started. I’ve already given you the implementation PLAN. I’ve shared with you WHO can help you with your book. Now all you need is an IDEA worth doing.

And because I have a knack for uncovering the best ideas, I’ve set aside time to talk with you so I can help you draw out your very best one.

I’ll work with you to identify the unique things about you and your product, service or business. Stuff you’ve done, accomplished, pioneered, overcome, etc. It’s likely we’ll reveal some things that you completely forgot about, even things you didn’t realize were remarkable.

The ONLY goal of this collaborative process is to help you come up with an idea worth doing. I know that once you discover the perfect idea, there will be no stopping you…

…If you’d like to make sure you have an idea worth doing or need some help coming up with a new idea, then I’d like to help!

To get started, please send me an email to Travis@TravisJohn.com, and we’ll take it from there…

…There’s only one thing better than a good idea: a better one.

Bonus Chapters: Check out the bonus chapters to get the scoop on turning your new book into an audiobook. Or find out how you can create a book by using the content you already created. Or how to author your book in multiple languages. Or how to create other business assets using the 5-Hour Author blueprint. Tune into the next section to learn all about it.


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