16 The Art Of Writing

The process of writing, particularly writing a book, is artful, beautiful, powerful and sacred. The 5-Hour Author is just a different way to utilize the beauty of the written word, not to knock the skill of being a good writer. In fact, I think mastering the written word is one of the most challenging but most rewarding and timeless skills, and I think everyone should consider doing it. Unfortunately, I know it’s simply not in the cards for everybody. That’s why the 5-hour Author can be the next best thing for you, maybe even a gateway for you to get addicted to writing. For those who already like to write, this can serve as a guide to being more creative and productive.

The best way to share a message long and far IS, and has always been, with a BOOK. This started with the Bible. I firmly believe that most problems in your life and business can be solved by being a better communicator, and the written word is where it ALL starts. Do I think that I am a good communicator, a good writer? Not yet, but I’m always working on my craft.

There’s Hope For Everyone.

I always hated to read, much less write. I was a terrible student all the way through school and college—so bad that I was thoroughly embarrassed about my past self until I realized that the school system and process were more screwed up than I was. So, after I got the much-needed entrepreneurial therapy along with the right mentors, I was able to get on the right path to being a lifelong student. But this time it was on my terms.

Go forth and create something, my friend. Something that is full of YOU…


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