3 What’s Holding You Back

“Whenever you find your self on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” – Mark Twain

There Are 4 Main Reasons Most Professionals Will NEVER Author A Book:

1) They don’t know where to START…

2) They don’t know HOW to do it…

3) They don’t have TIME to do it…

4) They don’t want to be a WRITER…

Well, it may seem too good to be true, but the 5-Hour Author solves all 4 of these problems. 

The 5-Hour Author—surprise!—takes only 5 hours of your time to author your book’s draft. And you don’t have to know HOW to do anything, because I have provided a step-by-step plan (just for you) in this book.

I even took it ONE step further. 

In addition to the 4 reasons why most people don’t become an author, I have identified the 11 “logical lies” (false beliefs about becoming an author) that kill everyone else’s dreams of authoring a book…

I know these logical lies are the problem because I used to believe all the same things. But after authoring my first book, I discovered a much better (and more effective) way to be an author.

When I’m done explaining, you’ll understand WHY you can’t wait another day to be an author. Seriously.

Here Are The 11 Logical Lies:

1) Size matters. In the case of books, most people believe bigger is better. But the truth is your ideal client doesn’t care how long your book is. He just wants the benefit you’re promising on the cover and the information that’s between the covers…

But there’s just one caveat where size does matter, and it’s for FIRST impressions, particularly when you’re sharing a paperback book. So it is my belief that your book needs to meet your ideal clients’ usual and customary expectations of what constitutes a real BOOK.

That’s where the 5-Hour Author comes in. I designed this process to help you draw out your best message and package it as a book that uniquely represents you and the clients YOU want to attract. A book (and size) that you’re proud to share with your most discerning clients, but doesn’t take years off your life to create.

The 5-Hour Author process will produce a paperback book that’s the perfect length for paperback and digital books, a book that delivers just the right balance of education and substance without any fluff. Even more important, it’s the perfect size to effectively share ONE thing with your ideal clients that you want them to either understand or believe (from your unique knowledge) about a problem they have, a solution you provide or an opportunity they wouldn’t want to miss out on… By sharing your message in an easy-to-digest format, you can provide just enough information (which your ideal client can read in 1 hour) to have that client ready to start, restart or continue a conversation with you.

By contrast, when a book is too short it provides a shallow reading experience resulting in poorly defined topics, theory-based content or a sales message disguised as a book. The book I’m talking about is a perfect example of a high-end, high-value book that’s laser focused on sharing ONE thing with the exact clients that you want to attract.

2) I have to be a writer. Everyone seems to believe that being an author requires writing. Not always. The goal here is to spend time being an AUTHOR, not a WRITER. It is my belief that you should write like you speak and this starts with getting your message out through your VOICE. The best way to create the rough draft of your book is to simply record yourself talking about your best stuff, and then transcribe it into text. This is done after you’ve decided on your best idea and created the outline and the questions that your book will answer. Of course, once you’ve created your rough draft a professional writer will polish and organize your message into the best possible format.

Even If you enjoy writing, the 5-Hour Author is simply a head start to create your book’s rough draft.

3) Books have to be written a certain way. How you create your book’s content and format doesn’t matter. It just has to flow and have value to the reader. The 5-Hour Author is simply a blueprint to draw out your best stuff through your voice—as if you’re sitting down talking with your ideal client in person. The result is a book that’s 100% unique to you. One that lets your personality and style SHINE. Embrace this format. Your clients will love it.

4) Publishing red tape. Self-publishing is here for good. And with the many advanced self-publishing tools and services available today, the inside and outside of your book will look better than those of most best sellers. In fact, some best sellers use these same tools and platforms. The end result is a kick-ass book that is ready for EVERY bookstore (online and offline).

5) Hit a “best seller” list. There’s too much emphasis on being a “best-selling author”. Every time I turn around there’s another guru touting ways to become a “best seller.” The truth is, it doesn’t flipping matter for 99% of business owners—you just want clients! Sure, a best seller can skyrocket your clients, too, but that process can be time- and money-intensive and a complete crapshoot. The truth is simple: MOST of your clients will come from the effective use of direct marketing. This begins with integration of your book (strategically) into all your biz touch points—not from spending several months and thousands of dollars trying to get your book on some best-seller list. Hey, the reality is your book will be best-seller caliber. So if it happens, great. But focus your time, energy and resources on being a best client-getting author not a best-selling author.

6) I need testimonials on the back cover. Don’t waste time on testimonials. So many people get hung up on this. I have to restrain lots of anger when I think about the whole testimonials, reviews, social-proof game. Don’t get me wrong; it is important to have social proof. But it’s just become so fake. It’s annoying. So, here’s my 2 cents on testimonials…

You don’t need them if you can PROVE, in advance, to your ideal client that you can help him. You do this by delivering such an outstanding amount of value in your book that there’s no doubt you’re the person that the client wants to do business with.

Third-party proof is usually better than testimonials. (Use a trusted third-party news source and cite that story or angle in support of your service, product, point of view, etc.)

There are even federal laws that regulate the use of testimonials. Depending on what kind of biz you’re in, it could be a bit like walking on egg shells.

The bottom line is your ideal client will want a copy of your book because of one reason: They want to get the benefit you are offering on the front cover (not because of the testimonials on the back cover).

If you have testimonials, great, use them. But don’t put them on the back cover. The back cover of your book should be reserved 100% for how you’re going to help the reader.

7) Do I really have something unique to share? Sure you do. Everybody has something unique to share. One of my favorite quotes is from Gary Bencivenga, the legendary copywriter. “Stand for something and you will never stand alone.” It says it all. Your ideal clients want to hear what YOU have to say, what you specialize in and what you know. And your book should be 100% focused around using your unique knowledge to educate your ideal client. That’s it.

Actually, once you give it a little thought, you’ll probably realize there are multiple things that you have a unique perspective on… 

8) Making money from my book. Don’t worry about how much you’re going to make in book sales because the real income and value of being an author don’t come from selling copies of your book. Nope, it will come from the clients you get, usually called the backend sales.

The job of your client-getting book is to start or continue the conversation with your ideal client. Your book will lead the conversation to your product or service. Plus, it should take only one deal (maybe two) to make the 5-Hour Author worth your time. That’s why one of the best ways to use your book is to just give it away for free in exchange for your ideal clients contact information.

Either way, my philosophy on front-end book sales is to invest any money you make in marketing. If you can make enough book sales to break-even on what it costs to acquire a new client then you’re WAY ahead of the game…

9) People won’t read my book. That’s right, (most) people won’t read your book. But that’s okay. WHAT? Just because most of the people won’t actually read your book doesn’t mean they won’t want to do business with you. Many of your ideal clients will want to talk to you strictly because they want the BENEFIT you are promising ON THE COVER of your book. That’s it.

Plus, you should be authoring your book for the 5% who really matter anyway. TALK to the 5% who care. They will be your raving fans. And when they read your book, the choice to do business with you will be obvious.

10) A book won’t work for ME. Hogwash. If you have a real business (and you actually talk to your clients), then a book is for you. Use your client-getting book to educate someone on your unique process, system, service or product. You may want to show someone how to solve a specific problem, or you might highlight a solution that you can provide. Or you can share the process clients will go through when they choose to work with you. 

Your ideal client wants to be educated about what YOU know. It may even seem boring or uninteresting to you; but that’s because you do it every day. Your ideal client will gobble up your book when he’s in the market for what you do or sell. It’s that simple.

Plus, you’ll be attracting the people you want to do business with and repelling the ones who are not a fit. This alone will skyrocket productivity because the book will do some of the hard work for you.

Thus, being a 5-Hour Author will lead to more QUALITY conversations (and more quality conversations = more money).


Here are a few qualifying questions to ask yourself:

  • Do your ideal clients read books?
  • Do your clients ask questions that are related to problems they have or solutions you provide? Are these topics you could share in a book?
  • Do your clients brag about the results and transformations they’ve experienced from working with you?
  • Are there unique attributes about your product, service, biz or methodology that, if shared, would be extremely valuable to your ideal clients?
  • Are there interesting things you could share that would clearly differentiate you from your competition?
  • Do you offer unique experiences, such that your ideal clients would jump at the opportunity to get involved if they actually knew about them?

11) I’ve got to do tons of research, use big data and impress people with my credentials.  Obviously, the 5-Hour Author is not for research-intensive books, which take WAY more than 5 hours to author. My advice is if you can’t quote something off the top of your head, then it’s probably not something you need to include in a client-getting book. The whole point of the 5-Hour Author is to package an intimate conversation with your ideal client avatar and then use it to reach MORE ideal clients.

You just want to draw out your unique knowledge through your voice, and when you do this effectively, you’ll capture yourself at “concert pitch,” getting all your best stuff out of your brain and into your book.

Even if your business relies heavily on data, this DATA is NOT the reason why prospects initially raise their hand to get your help. Nope, these facts, figures and big data are not the real reason they’re attracted to you (or your business) in the first place. The truth is your ideal clients don’t care about the DATA until they know you care about them AND that you can actually help them. Sure, this information is superimportant, so here’s my advice. Once you’re done creating the rough draft for your book, if you think plugging in a few stats, third-party proof or resources will enhance your book, then go ahead and work with your writer to weave them into your book. But I believe that most of your data points will be more impactful (and more appropriate) during your first phone call or meeting, after you have warmed them up with your book.

The Bottom Line

The 5-Hour Author helps you draw out your BEST thinking so you can share ONE thing that you already know, something that delivers awesome value and that naturally leads into your service or product. 

It’s the perfect setup for you to get more business because its easy-to-digest (and prestigious) format pulls your ideal clients toward you (like a huge magnet) by simply offering to help them at the end of the book… 

NOW, Is the Time

Now you can share your unique knowledge, specialized experience, product or service with your ideal clients through a book. You can do this by investing just 5 hours of your time.

Don’t let logical lies hold you back from being an author.

  • Or discount the effectiveness of a client-getting book…
  • Or discount the impact a client-getting book will have on your biz.
  • Or let the simplicity of the 5-Hour Author scare you off…

I think by now it’s clear to you that every biz owner needs a book working for his or her biz. It’s truly the cheapest salesperson you could ever HIRE!

So, if you’re accepting new clients, you shouldn’t wait another day to add a book to your biz.

Because a book is simply a vehicle for you to achieve bigger goals and have a bigger future…

If that’s what YOU want, I’m going to show you how, exactly, to get new clients with your book.

I have put together a 5-step plan just for you. Keep reading and then let me know what you think.

But before we get into the plan, I’m going to share with you a few more things that will help you understand why the 5-Hour Author happened, AND some of the key benefits of being a 5-Hour Author.


The 5-Hour Author™ Copyright © 2018 by Travis John Agency LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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