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Congratulations On Your Decision To Be An Author.

Most business owners realize the benefits of becoming an author. In fact, they already have an idea for a book—a unique perspective, specialized knowledge, product or service they want to share. But it’s their belief that they would have to spend hours and hours locked up in a room—WRITING.

That’s just not true.

With the 5-Hour Author you can discover how to create, deploy and market your first “client getting” book in just 5 steps. It starts with investing just 5 hours of your time to author the rough draft of your book. And NO long hours writing, NO weird rules, NO publishing red tape and NO need for best-seller lists.

YES, really!

It does sound outrageous, BUT it’s outrageously Doable. 

So, how is it possible to author a book in just 5 hours? In this book, I am going to share with you HOW it is possible, and then I’m going to give you a complete step-by-step plan to author a REAL book for your business (including the exact tools and services that you can use to turn your book into a client-getting magnet).

Sound good? Good.

Here’s A Snapshot Of What We’re Going To Cover:

Step 1 — How to draw out your very best idea, polish it and organize it into the best possible format.

Step 2 — How to get your book’s content out of your brain and create the rough draft of your book. Hint: you’ll do this by talking about your idea (just being yourself).

Step 3 — How to convert your spoken words into written words, and finding the perfect writer for you. How to work with a professional writer to re-write, add-to, tweak, polish, edit and elegantly marry all the parts together.

Step 4 — How to make the inside and outside of your book look professional and congruent with your message and your style (so your ideal client can’t resist the opportunity to get a copy). Then how to finalize and publish your book as an ebook and paperback book.

Step 5 — How to get clients with your new book.

If you follow my plan, you will be able to shortcut the authoring process and produce a quality book for your business that will start (or continue) more conversations with your ideal clients. Period.

Simply put, the 5-Hour Author is the BEST way to author a client-getting book (super-fast) that will increase your businesses reach and revenue.

And a few more people may recognize you when you’re in the grocery store.

Who This Is For

The 5-Hour Author is designed for the majority of biz owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals who don’t like to write, don’t have the time to write, don’t know where to start or don’t even have the time to figure out ALL the things necessary to author a successful client-getting book.

I used to believe the authoring process had to be difficult, time-intensive and extremely expensive… But after authoring my first business book (mostly the hard way), I discovered a much better (and more effective) way to be an author.

Everyone has a unique message to share, and my goal with the 5-Hour Author is to make that a reality! 

It’s about time for you to get your unique knowledge out of your brain and into a book. Start opening new doors and more conversations that grow your biz and get you more clients… ones you actually WANT.

In fact, you already know the 5-Hour Author is RIGHT for you because…

  • You already realize the benefits of being an author.
  • You already have a book inside you that’s ready to get out.
  • You have a unique perspective.
  • You’re successful at what you do.
  • You’re ready to invest 5 hours in authoring the draft of your book.

On the other hand, this is not for you if…

  • You’re not accepting new clients.
  • You prefer to get clients the same way you always have.
  • You don’t want to get paid more because you’re an author.

The 5-Hour Author really works the best if you…

1) You have a real business. The 5-Hour Author is for biz owners and business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals who know their STUFF. Simply put, you’re an expert at what you do and a leader in your industry.

2) Your business is a high-value professional service “relationship type” business. You have a high-profit margin per client, or you sell high-priced, big-ticket items or have a high lifetime customer value. The 5-Hour Author doesn’t work well for businesses that sell on a highly transactional basis (as opposed to transformational and relational) or that sell a low-priced commodity item. 

For example, this works great for most professional services and several industries like real estate, financial services, law, insurance, accounting, manufacturing, engineering, distribution, high-priced and high-end products, consulting, coaching, speaking, high tech and software businesses. This works for almost all medical and health care businesses like chiropractic, dental and podiatry. It also works well for niche product and service providers like business growth consultants, education leaders, career and employment agencies and advisors, self-help gurus, health and fitness experts, beauty advice and many, many more industry leaders…

3) You don’t care if you don’t make any money from selling copies of your book. The real income and value from authoring a book will come from the clients you get, usually called the backend sales. A good rule of thumb is it should take only one client, patient or deal to make this worth your time and investment.

4) You are ready to invest in your business. When you follow the 5-Hour Author plan, the total cost to complete your book will be around $3,000. This will vary but largely depends on what you pay a professional writer to rewrite your book’s draft. The stakes to be an author are high, but so are the rewards. This small investment now will pay you dividends for many years to come

5) You are committed. If you want the title of AUTHOR attached to your name, you’ll have to be committed to completing your book. You can do this as fast as you want to and get as much help as you need… The only constant is that you will invest 5 hours to author the rough draft of your book.  

When you follow the process, you’ll be able to author a high-quality book in about 8 weeks, even if you already have a hectic schedule. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and building a client-getting book is no different. The key to success is once you start the process, don’t stop.

Up next, we’ll figure out what’s really holding you back from being an author (I bet they’re the same things that held me back).

When we’re done with the next chapter, you’ll understand WHY you can’t wait another day to be an author…


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